Gel Nail Polish: Why French Models Love it and Why You Will Too

In the United States, most women are still using traditional manicures and acrylic nails. These nails have worked for decades and it’s natural that a lot of people are hesitant about change. But what if something better came along? Better not just one or two ways, but in every way – The appearance, the longevity of the nails, the cost and more?

That’s exactly what gel nail polish is. Gel nail polish is the future of nail polish. It has already taken off all over Europe, far surpassing acrylic nails. France and Italy have long been on the forefront of the fashion world and women there (including fashion models) have all taken up gel nail polish. America is slowly catching on as well. I recently proved this by visit a few open nail salons near me.

What is Gel Nail Polish? How Does it Work?

Gel nail polish is a long lasting gel-based nail that looks almost exactly like a normal human fingernail. Unlike acrylic nails which have that unnatural “plastic” look to it, gel nail polish is almost indistinguishable from an organic nail.

Getting gel nails is quite easy. If you’re only doing the procedure once, you can get it done in a salon. If you plan on doing it regularly, the best way to do it is with an at-home kit. With acrylic nails, doing it at home was both too expensive and too complicated. With gel nail polish, kits are highly affordable and the procedure is a piece of cake.

How does it work? It couldn’t be easier. Start by cleaning your nails and applying a bonder. Be careful not to spill the gel on things that may be lying around, for example a Zquiet snoring mouthpiece. The next step is to apply the base layer of coating and place your fingers under the light for 30 seconds. Then apply the gel polish and put your fingers under the light for another 30 seconds. You can apply an optional third layer if you want.

That’s all there is to it!

5 Reasons Why Gel Nail Polish is So Amazing

Why do fashion models and celebrities love gel nail polish so much? Here are five simple reasons.

  1. It dries right away. If you walk out to your car after the procedure and accidentally brush against your handle, it’s not going to instantly ruin your nails.
  2. It doesn’t chip. Unlike acrylic nails which are hard and chip easily, gel nails are slightly soft, just like human fingertips. They don’t chip easily.
  3. They last a long time. One of the biggest complaints women have with acrylic nails is how often they have to keep coming back to the salon. With gel nails, that’s not a problem at all. These will last for what seems like forever.
  4. Looks extremely real. It doesn’t look like plastic and it doesn’t look artificial. What’s more, the look of the nail actually lasts and doesn’t deteriorate over time.
  5. No drilling. There’s no uncomfortable or painful drilling with gel nails. Just 30 to 60 seconds of painless UV light.


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