Ognyanovo, Bulgaria – SPA in the mountains

Today I’ll share with you a little of my personal experience.  Bulgaria is one of my favorite countries for trips. Through all the seasons there are beautiful and interesting places to visit. My last excursion I organized by Varna airport Transfer company. Let me introduce you Ognyanovo – a little cozy village.

Ognyanovo village is blessed by God with healing mineral water. But you do not wait for a doctor to send you to this region, to give deserved rest the mind and body. There are many hotels, each of which has a spa and offers a variety of spa treatments. Minimum, which will in any case have is a sauna, steam bath and swimming pool with mineral water. As fresh mountain air and a lot of opportunities for interesting walks in the area.

One of the most famous places in Ognyanovo is the natural mineral spring Holy Oil. Located at one end of the village and is shaped like a pool outdoors. Access to it is free and you can dip in the warm mineral water at any time of day. Even in winter is no shortage of enthusiasts who bathe under the stars. The Ognyanovo area has a bunch of attractions that will satisfy every interest. About 50 km away is situated Bansko – if you like winter sports, but looking calmness. 75 km slopes, 27 km lifts, 12 km track for cross-country skiing and biathlon, two black runs, named after nine-time champion in alpine skiing Alberto Tomba – Bansko is one of the best places to ski and snowboard in Bulgaria especially if you are intermediate or advanced. If you do not have own ski and snowboard equipment or just starting to learn and you are not prepared, very close to the lift station has a ski wardrobe where you can find everything you need for sport, and secure safe for your personal belongings. There you will find probably the best ski school in Bansko.

And if you feel the urge to travel in time, nearby are some of the most picturesque villages – architectural reserves – Leshten, Dolen and Kovachevitsa. Although the three villages have been declared monuments because of their old houses and preserved authentic architecture, each has its own different atmosphere. In Leshten drop into the pub, in Dolen – in the old church, and in Kovachevica get lost in the maze of narrow streets and visit the old school.

If you get to Gotse Delchev and continue up the road with the most and the sharpest as you thought turns in Bulgaria will reach another beautiful village – Delchevo. It also preserved old-fashioned architecture and stone roofs of their houses, and the view, which reveals the height of the city below is stunning.

Far back in time, will take you the excavations of the ancient Roman town Nicopolis ad Nestrum, where it is believed that there was a collective basis of the Roman legions. The site is located a few kilometers from the village of Marchevo. Whether you’re a fan of rural tourism, spa procedures, ancient Roman ruins or skiing, Ognyanovo and the region can offer everything.

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